This new parody video envisions a world where movie studios announce their projects years in advance, banking that audience excitement will remain constant for 15 films released across five years and all building to The Penultimates: Before Armageddon: Part III Of IV. We mean, can you imagine?

Video creator Steven Rosenthal even launched a companion site on Medium that goes into a little bit of detail about each upcoming project, including the fact that Marvel went ahead and planned two Icepack reboots knowing the franchise would need a big overhaul every few years. Plus the appearance of Red Velvet, Dr. Deception, and Spatula could mean the company is lining up a Detractors team-up. And as Rosenthal explains: “Already hinted at in very small print during the credits of Netflix’s Daredevil (right after the show’s Color Consultant), the Thunder War has begun!”


The parody perfectly encapsulates what these movie announcements are like for those who don’t know much about comic book mythology.

[via Mashable]