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Marvel launching a Heroes And Villains pop-up dining experience in Hong Kong

Illustration for article titled Marvel launching a emHeroes And Villains /empop-up dining experience in Hong Kong

Having already made inroads in the frozen desserts and chip aisles of your friendly neighborhood supermarket, Marvel is now veering toward the other end of the gastronomical—and geographic—spectrums. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Marvel Entertainment is sponsoring a three-night pop-up dining experience in Hong Kong in November. The recipes for the Heroes And Villains event are being planned by Top Chef Masters winner Chris Cosentino, and Alvin Leung, executive chef and owner of the Bo Innovation restaurant (which is also hosting). Each night an eight-course meal will be served, with Cosentino kicking off the first night, Leung preparing his own menu the second night, and the two teaming up à la Colossus and Wolverine to close out the final evening’s meal.


Because internationally recognized chefs are universally regarded as die-hard comic-book enthusiasts, each culinary artist will be basing their menus on their respective favorite Marvel characters. Seeing as these guys are professionals, the chances are slim that diners (limited to 50) will be sitting down try a short stack of Marvel’s officially endorsed, artery-clogging “Aunt May” bacon pancakes. And while we should probably leave this to the experts, The A.V. Club couldn’t resist venturing our own sample menu of Marvel haute cuisine:

Namor’s Cabal / Charred ceviche. Tossed greens with garlic sauce

Whiplash in Repose / Soviet Champagne paired with Russian caviar

Old Man Logan / Slow-braised boar. Maple-candied shredded artichoke. Wild rice.

The Mandarin / Roasted, glazed duck. Cucumber rings in bean sauce.

Infinity Gauntlet / Bluefin tuna tartare. Steamed fingerling Gemstone potatoes.

The Sentry / Cheese plate.

Bobby Drake / Belgian chocolate with frozen citrus foam.

Victor von Doom / Hand-pressed espresso and Bruichladdich, served cold.

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