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Marvel launches science contest for teenage girls

Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Because those supersoldier serums don’t formulate themselves, Marvel—in conjunction with the National Academy Of Science’s Science & Entertainment Exchange—has launched a contest aimed at encouraging teenage girls to change the world through science. Dubbed the “Marvel’s Captain America: Cvil War Girls Reforming the Future Challenge,” the contest is open to girls age 15-18 in grades 10-12 interested in careers in STEM fields.

To enter, aspiring Jemma Simmonses and Helen Chos can submit a short video through the challenge website explaining an idea for a project that has ”the potential to help humankind” using science. (Ideas can be new, or something previously submitted for a class or science competition.) Five finalists will receive a trip to the Captain America: Civil War premiere in Los Angeles, where they will also present their ideas to “leaders in science and industry” at Marvel Studios. They’ll also each get $500, which doesn’t go very far towards college these days but is a nice gesture.


The winner of the contest will receive an internship at Marvel Studios, where she will be shuttled into an unmarked elevator and taken to a secret high-tech laboratory deep beneath the surface of the Earth. There, she will learn the truth: That this whole “Marvel Cinematic Universe” thing is all a cover for the real-life operations of S.H.I.E.L.D., of whom she is its newest agent. Or she’ll sit around doing painstaking digital effects work all day, something that probably sounds super fun to the type of person who enters science contests. Applications for the contest are due on March 26.

[via i09]

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