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Marvel is bringing Moon Girl And Devil Dinosaur to Disney Channel

Illustration for article titled Marvel is bringing iMoon Girl And Devil Dinosaur /ito Disney Channel
Image: Disney

Last February, we reported that Marvel was developing an animated series based on the under-appreciated Moon Girl And Devil Dinosaur comic about a pre-teen super genius and her giant red dinosaur buddy, with Laurence Fishburne on board as an executive producer. This weekend, at the all-consuming news blob that is the D23 expo, Disney revealed that the Moon Girl And Devil Dinosaur is not only still happening—something that’s not always a given for animated Marvel shows—but that it’s coming to the actual Disney Channel and not some lame off-shoot like the Disney+ streaming service or the slightly more teen-oriented DisneyXD. This is like the big leagues for animated shows for kids.


Disney shared some promo art for the show, which you can see above, but we don’t really know much beyond that. A press release says it will be about a 13-year-old genius named Lunella who summons the Devil Dinosaur to modern New York and fights crime with him on the Lower East Side, which seems about right. The press release doesn’t say when the show might premiere, so just turn on the Disney Channel and surrender to our new masters.

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