(Image: Marvel Comics)

In 2015, Marvel announced that it was handing the keys to Wakanda over to writer Ta-Nehisi Coates by letting him take on the Black Panther comic in advance of the eponymous character’s first big-screen appearance in Captain America: Civil War and eventual solo movie. The book was a hit, and Marvel later released spin-offs called World Of Wakanda and Black Panther & The Crew, with the latter being written by Coates and telling a story about a group of heroes—Black Panther, Storm, Misty Knight, Luke Cage, and Manifold—teaming up to figure out what happened to a man who mysteriously died in police custody. It was pretty timely stuff, but unfortunately Black Panther & The Crew didn’t manage to connect with readers like Coates’ solo Black Panther book did. Now, The Verge is reporting that Marvel has canceled Black Panther & The Crew due to poor sales.

Only two issues of The Crew have been released so far, but Coates says Marvel will still publish four more before officially dropping it. Coates also says the book’s central mystery “will be solved” by the end.