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Marvel at the passage of time via this YouTube channel of a kid eating hot peppers

Adolescence is full of shared experiences like growing pains, awkward haircuts, and posting videos of yourself eating extremely hot peppers on YouTube. They’re things everyone goes through, and sometimes it’s hard to look back at, say, the video of yourself eating a Yellow Trinidad Scorpion without marveling at the passage of time. In the case of YouTube user “snacksandsuch”—whose real name is Nate—he’s undergone a variety of changes over the past five years of eating fiery snacks, from his voice dropping several octaves to gaining an appreciation for patterned shirts.

While it appears there’s a budding YouTube community of folks ingesting capsaicins with reckless abandon, few do it with the same quiet reservation of Nate. Instead of screaming in agony, Nate pops a pepper in his mouth and, as he begins to sweat, he offers up one-liners so delightfully droll they feel like a Zen meditation on the very nature of pain itself. As the years go on, Nate’s challenges amplify in intensity, but his demeanor remains consistent throughout his journey. In his last video, which sees him take on the infamous Carolina Reaper, Nate shows he’s no longer a boy, but a fully grown man. A man who is still waiting to hear back if his mom can give him a ride to the mall this weekend.

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