Legos are cool and all, but sometimes they can be a little bit limiting. Anyone can build a house or the Death Star with the bricks, but what about a bong? Or what if you want a Minifig that looks like a butch little yellow leather daddy or one who’s really into black metal?

Thankfully there’s Chicago company Citizen Brick, which makes tweaks to Lego Minifigs to make them just a little bit offbeat and less family friendly. Take, for example, the company’s extensive line of zombified Lego beings or its homage to an unnamed “stick up enthusiast” who bears a strong resemblance to Omar from The Wire. “A Minifig must have a code,” after all. Citizen Brick also manufactures a Lego Walter White, or, rather, a Lego “chemistry enthusiast.” Put him in the lab with the company’s Breaking Bad-friendly accessories, and you’re ready to play meth kingpin.