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Marvel announces (at least) 45 “all-new, all-different” comics

All-New, All-Different Avengers

Earlier this year, Marvel blew up its entire comic book universe and rebuilt it as a patchwork world where everyone worships Dr. Doom as a god. However, like all major comic book events that blow up the universe and rebuild things in a way that’s unsustainably crazy, this storyline, Secret Wars, is only temporary. In October, the proper Marvel universe—or at least a proper Marvel universe—will return, and it’ll be bringing (at least) 45 new comics along with it. Marvel has dubbed this new line “All-New, All-Different,” and as that name hyperbolically implies, things are going to be pretty new and different.

For starters, there’ll be three new Avengers lineups appearing in various books, there’ll be new a new Hawkeye series with apparently older versions of Clint Barton and Kate Bishop, Spider-Man’s costume now glows in the dark, Spider-Woman is now pregnant, Daredevil is getting a new sidekick who is apparently the X-Man Gambit, the various X-Men books will all have new rosters (some including the elderly Wolverine from Old Man Logan), and X-23 (a female clone of the non-elderly Wolverine) is the new Wolverine. (Considering he died not so long ago, we sure are talking about Wolverine a lot.)


You can see the full list of new titles—and their snappy tag lines—at ComicBook.com, which also has a gallery of the books’ covers.

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