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Marvel announces 2018 release date for another unnamed project

After already announcing several unnamed projects that will push the company’s official release schedule into 2019—to say nothing of that tentative slate through 2028—Marvel figured it might as well throw another untitled project onto that list, this one with a release date of May 4, 2018. Initially, that date had already been claimed by Sony for The Amazing Spider-Man 4, but after the studio had to make good on the threat of “turning this car around if you don’t stop slinging webs all over the backseat,” Sony vacated, leaving it open for Disney to fill with some other Marvel property. As always, it’s hard to say what that property will be—though the smart money is on The Avengers 3.  Still, hope remains that Marvel will eventually use one of the dates on its ambitious schedule for a film focusing on the company’s most important character, lovable potato lookalike Doop.


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