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Martin Short joining How I Met Your Mother

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Vulture reports that Martin Short will join the cast of How I Met Your Mother next season, taking over as the boss of Jason Segel’s character at an environmental law firm. Short inherited the part from Dave Foley, who recently left to become one of the potential reasons to watch CBS’ upcoming How To Be A Gentleman; while Foley and Short have fairly different personae, they nevertheless both hail from venerated Canadian sketch comedy troupes, leading us to believe that the show’s producers employed a rather unusual taxonomy when it came to casting. So, since John Candy is dead and many of the members of the Royal Canadian Air Farce are pretty old now, they settled on Short, who will return to his first recurring comedy series role since Primetime Glick (though he had a dramatic turn on last season’s Damages). He was also in the movie Clifford, which I still think is pretty great.


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