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Martin Sheen to weigh in on 1994’s biggest case, with O.J. Is Innocent

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Life is good, here in the O.J. Simpson Renaissance. We’ve got American Crime Story over on FX, giving us our weekly peek back into the beautiful world of 1994, complete with black gloves, white Broncos, and Cuba Gooding Jr.’s inadequately massive head. Meanwhile, ABC is set to air ESPN’s biographical O.J.: Made In America, ensuring that we can still tap into every lurid aspect of The Crime Of The Last Century’s still-intriguing details.

But one man isn’t happy. (Okay, a lot of people probably aren’t happy, including Simpson, who’s still in prison on a series of convictions stemming from an incident in 2007. But bear with us.) That man? Martin Sheen.


According to The Hollywood Reporter, Sheen has just moved into the producer’s chair on Hard Evidence: O.J. Is Innocent, a new docuseries being put together for Investigation Discovery. The series—based off O.J. Is Innocent and I Can Prove It, by private investigator William C. Dear—will present its case that Simpson is, in fact, innocent of the crimes he was acquitted of committing 22 years ago. Sheen will narrate the documentary, with his soothing, faux-presidential tones hopefully making things a little more relaxed, even as this last, most desperate effort to immerse us all in the mid-’90s news cycle finally leads history to tear itself apart once and for all, and reality collapses into an infinite expanse of Judge Lance Itos, dancing on the head of a pin.

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