Though briefly sated by the news that the guy from Notting Hill will play The Lizard in the upcoming Spider-Man reboot, most fans have been dying to know who will play the crucial roles of Uncle Ben and Aunt May, because we are joking, because Uncle Ben and Aunt May—important as they may be to Peter Parker’s sense of purpose—could really be played by just about anybody, as they should take up maybe five percent of screen time in any given Spider-Man movie, really. (Cliff Robertson and Rosemary Harris, for example, were perfectly fine; they passed along the appropriate aphorisms and then disappeared off-screen to cook things and/or die.) But apparently the makers of the new Spider-Man feel differently, as they’ve recruited Martin Sheen (who’s already committed) and Sally Field (still in negotiations) to play Ben and May, respectively. Hopefully they’re just being brought in to class up a few flashbacks, because otherwise we're about to find out how Peter Parker got his powers all over again.