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At the very beginning of the year, we reported that a Bob Dylan documentary that Martin Scorsese had supposedly been working on in secret for years was finally set to come out, with the focus zeroing in on Dylan’s 1975-76 “Rolling Thunder Revue” tour. Scorsese had even been quietly conducting interviews with many of the people involved in the original tour, including Dylan himself, who doesn’t typically do interviews—especially on camera. Now, Netflix has actually announced the documentary, with Variety reporting that it will be released on June 12 on the streaming service. There will also be theatrical runs in New York and Los Angeles so it can quality for awards and a series of pre-release “road show” screenings in London, Paris, Washington DC, Nashville, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Boston, Austin, Dallas, Houston, Portland, Tulsa, Tempe, Chicago, Cleveland, Minneapolis, New York, Los Angeles, Blogna, and Sydney.

Along with confirming the documentary, the existence of a Rolling Thunder box set has also been confirmed. Variety says the 14-disc collection will include five “professionally recorded” Bob Dylan sets from 1975 along with “recently unearthed” tour rehearsals. The box set will be released on June 7.


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