Martin Scorsese has spent most of his Hugo junket publicly declaring his love for 3-D—the crude filmmaking technology that will have to make do until Scorsese gets his Hologram Emporium up and running—and in his recent interview with Deadline, he now says he loves it so much he thinks he’ll marry it, basically. Asked whether he plans to shoot all of his future films in 3-D, Scorsese replied, “Quite honestly, I would. I don’t think there’s a subject matter that can’t absorb 3-D, that can’t tolerate the addition of depth as a storytelling technique.” He then added, "We view everyday life with depth" while casually tossing a ping-pong ball at the interviewer's face.

Anyway, putting his pronouncement to the test, Deadline also asked which of his films Scorsese thought might have benefitted the most from the extra-dimensional pleasures of 3-D, and he had a choice that, unpredictably, had nothing to do with Cathy Moriarty in Raging Bull: “Aviator, maybe? Maybe Taxi Driver… because of the intimidation of the main character, his presence is everywhere, a frightening kind of presence.” Plus, all those yo-yo scenes. Anyway, that you should see. That you should see… in 3-D.