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Martin Scorsese personally responded to a fan’s Scorsese-Kubrick mash-up video

(Screengrab: Leandro Copperfield's Vimeo channel)

In June of 2010, Rio De Janeiro-based film fan Leandro Copperfield uploaded “Kubrick Vs Scorsese” to Vimeo. The seven-and-a-half-minute video is a meticulously edited assemblage of bits and bobs from the various films of Stanley Kubrick and Martin Scorsese. “[T]his is NOT a comparison, ’fight’ or a competition,” the amateur filmmaker explained in the video’s description. “It’s just a homage for my favorite directors.” A truly impressive offering to the internet’s over-crowded mash-up genre, it merges six decades of work from two disparate genre-hopping craftsmen into one gorgeous montage of artistry and gore. It’s worth watching.


The person who spent hours or days hunched over a computer putting that together (not once, but twice!—in 2015 he replaced it with a fully remastered, 1080p version) is clearly somewhat of a fan. So can you imagine how he felt when, six years later (almost to the day), Scorsese himself responded with high praise for his effort?

“This man was directly responsible for make me love Cinema and watch films in a different way since I was a child,” Copperfield gushes in the description for this new upload. “Most of everything I know about movies and editing was mainly because of him. His passion and your extreme willingness to share knowledge is, for me, one of the most beautiful things in Cinema history.”

It’s hard to tell what’s more uplifting: that the projects we toil over in our bedrooms late at night might might find their way to the eyes of our heroes, or that 73-year-old Martin Scorsese apparently knows how to use a laptop?


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