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Martha Stewart launches web-based excuse not to make her own Halloween costume

Don’t be fooled by her disdainful face on the cover of those magazines asking what excuse you could possibly have for not pressing your own apple cider this Halloween. Martha Stewart can’t be bothered with crafting, and that’s why she’s created an elaborate diversion in the form of an AOL “online webisodic reality competition” to get somebody else to make her Halloween costume for her.

Called Shriek or Chic: Martha’s Haute Halloween Challenge, the show stars three eager young designers too clean-cut to appear on Project Runway. The contestants will compete for the honor of sewing a costume for Martha to wear to…actually, where she’ll wear the outfit is never addressed in the trailer, but it’ll probably be somewhere in the Hamptons. Orange Is The New Black-themed costumes, presumably, are not allowed.

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