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As reported by Deadline, Raising Hope‘s Martha Plimpton has signed on to play another mom. This time it’s for Family Of The Year, ABC’s comedy pilot that’s loosely based on the life of writer/gay rights activist Dan Savage—he’s that guy in the red (or white) shirt who shows up on The A.V. Club every Wednesday. The pilot’s storyline is about the O’Neals, “a seemingly perfect All-American family” that has to face a bunch of family secrets when the youngest son, played by Noah Galvin, comes out of the closet. Mad Men‘s Jay R. Ferguson will play the father, a cop who works for the Chicago Police Department. As we said earlier, Plimpton will play the mom, a woman who is “very proud of her family,” but, secretly, “her marriage is on the rocks and her life hasn’t been all that easy and fun.” We’re crossing our fingers that there will also be a family member named Sean, so we can make jokes about him being the same Sean O’Neal from Clarissa Explains It All.


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