Encouraged by the interest surrounding sequels to Boy Meets World and Full House, the excitement yesterday over seeing its cast reunite even just to stand on a sidewalk, and the way encroaching millennial nostalgia dovetails so very nicely with a social media structure that allows them to wallow in it, Sony is reportedly considering reviving Married…With Children with a decades-later spinoff. More than 25 years after the Fox show first made stars out of Ed O’Neill, Katey Sagal, and Christina Applegate, and also David Faustino was there, producers are reportedly taking pitches that would center on the character not played by someone who’d be too busy to consider it.

Details are currently scarce, besides the fact that that it would revolve around a grown-up Bud Bundy, whose sex obsession is presumably now being treated through group counseling, with each episode a harrowing glimpse into the pathology of compulsion—and also, maybe he has a funny mullet. It’s also unknown whether any other cast members are interested in participating, given that most of them certainly don’t need to be.


At the very least, the news should prove exciting to David Faustino’s Wikipedia page, which currently reads like a tragic novella on faded celebrity—from the opening, “citation needed” description of Faustino as a “former bumper car racer” that someone clearly put there as a joke years ago (but no one ever bothered to correct), to its concluding passages about Faustino’s rap alias, D’Lil, his sole rap album, Balistyx, and his L.A. nightclub of the same name (“the first hip-hop/funk club on the Sunset Strip”), which “capped off with a final New Year’s Eve party at The Roxy to ring in 1993.” Now there can also be a sentence about the time people talked about this.