FX Networks has ordered second seasons for both of its summer 2014 comedies, You’re The Worst and Married. But according to a press release, only one of those second seasons will air on its original network home: After burning down an apartment (and burning down the house with a karaoke version of Kate Bush’s “This Woman’s Work”), the next 13 episodes of You’re The Worst will air during FXX’s few remaining broadcast hours that aren’t devoted to The Simpsons. It’s a major step in FX Network’s relationship with the series, a show of trust indicating that it sees You’re The Worst as a long-term thing—at least long-term enough to anchor its own night of programming, like other sure things It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia and The League. Of course, that plan didn’t work out so well with Legit, but sometimes you have to date around before you fined The One—or The Worst—you want to settle down with.