Keeping the flame for true craft over opportunistic cash-ins, Marlon Wayans has confirmed there will be a sequel to his horror spoof A Haunted House, because the original earned $40 million at the box office and also art. It’s a triumph not only for marketing, self-promotion, and a “tiny budget”—all of which Open Road Films explicitly praised as factors in A Haunted House’s success—but also for Wayans’ ongoing war against the Scary Movie franchise, whose sad reliance on celebrity spectacle he’s now bested with the more artistically pure comedy of people who try to have sex with people who don’t want to have sex with them, often in the butt. In a statement, Wayans expressed his excitement to be “embarking on this journey again”—that long, dizzying process of walking the creative tightrope and never being afraid to fall, fart, pick yourself back up again, and smoke some weed. That process will be completed by next winter.