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Mark Zuckerberg has been having a bad week, which is something we can all relate to. Who among us, after all, has not had to face up to our massive social network allowing 50 million users’ personal information to fall into the hands of companies who then used that data to help elect Donald Trump as President Of The United States?

Zuckerberg, ordinary fellow that he is, has tried to apologize for this everyday sort of mistake, issuing a statement that’s long on details regarding how the breach happened and very short on any worthwhile mea culpa for, uh, the whole problem existing in the first place.


The internet, which, like a vengeful god, both made Zuckerberg and is capable of destroying him, has not been thrilled with the robotic missive sent from the storm-lashed heights of Facebook HQ.

The Twitter response ranges from straightforward gags ...

... to more elaborate image reworkings.


While torrents of pictures have been sent out in response to the Zuck’s terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day, the best reactions are often the simplest:


Many are predicting that the fallout from this, one of the most egregious fuck-ups in Facebook’s history, will be hard for the company to come back from. But you can never count Facebook out. Like an irradiated insect, it has burrowed so deep into the global consciousness that its death seems almost impossible. Maybe, despite this setback, it will return stronger than ever, even if the internet at large continues to hate its guts. After all, you don’t get to 50 million compromised accounts without making a few enemies.

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