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Illustration for article titled Mark Wahlberg will also make a reality show about Boston women, because what, you think he wont?

Perhaps after having heard about Jersey Shore producer SallyAnn Salsanno's Southie Pride, and its plans to explore South Boston's august heritage of hitting people who use words like "august heritage," Mark Wahlberg is stepping in with his own show about tough Boston women lobbing harsh vowel sounds at each other, because who the fuck is Sally Salsanno? She ain't no Southie. Get the fuck out of here. Like Southie Pride, Wahlberg's Mark Wahlberg Boston Women Project—a title that is only tentative, despite being perfect in its honesty—derives its inspiration from The Fighter and that film's shrill coterie of sisters, similarly aiming to examine the daily lives of women who "juggle family, work, and relationships all while remaining true to their way of life" by intermittently pausing that juggling to punch someone for looking at them like that, like what, they think they won't? Get the fuck out of here.


The show marks the second Boston reality series Wahlberg has brought to A&E following the recent development of Teamsters. What, you think Mark Wahlberg demonstrating his hometown pride by slowly transforming Boston into a freak show of reality-TV caricatures on par with the previous flood of New Jersey-set shows is beginning to border on exploitative? Get the fuck outta heahhhhhhh.

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