Mark Wahlberg’s recent attempts to “get real”—pitching a reality show about his Wahlburgers restaurant, standing up to terrorists who have been dead for over 10 years—now also include Teamsters, a reality show pilot that will allow Wahlberg to get all up in TV’s face and get really real, like maybe TV doesn’t think that Wahlberg will produce it or something, like maybe he’s just a jerk. Well, watch this: Wahlberg will produce Teamsters for A&E, the TV home of working-class people getting real and also really loud, and soon the home to Wahlberg’s series about the Teamsters Local 25 in Wahlberg's city-wide stage of Boston—which, between this and Southie Pride, is clearly poised to become TV’s next New Jersey.

Wahlberg, whose dad was a Teamster (and whose mother was a keg of Samuel Adams), hopes to tell the story of the union’s constant struggle to stand up for the rights of its 11,000 members, most likely using only honest business dealings and the strict parliamentary decorum honored by gentlemen. And because this is on A&E, Teamsters is already being pitched as a possible franchise, with spinoffs covering unions all over the country. That way we can ensure that our unions survive by putting them to work on the last thriving American industry: reality television.