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Mark Wahlberg has big plans for his upcoming sci-fi comic

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It’s hardly a stretch to say that most movies these days are based on comic books, and it’s already a relatively common practice for comic books to become movies even before they’ve been published, but it’s still rare for a comic to be written with the expressed purpose of eventually turning it into a movie. That’s exactly what Mark Wahlberg and film producer Stephen Levinson are doing with a project called Alien Bounty Hunter, though. According to io9, the idea is that Wahlberg and Levinson want to shape this story from the beginning so it’ll be perfectly suited for a film someday, and though it doesn’t say that Wahlberg would star in the hypothetical movie, Alien Bounty Hunter does sound like the name of something he’d do.

The io9 story doesn’t specficially say what Wahlberg’s involvement is in the comic, but it is being created by actual comic book writers and artists, specifically Adrian F. Wassel, David M. Booher, F.J. DeSanto, and Nick Robles. It’s being published by Vault Comics, and the first issue should be available this summer. You can see a cover image below, and there are more previews at io9.

(Image: Vault Comics)

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