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Mark the 20th anniversary of Springfield’s Film Fest with a bunch of Criterion covers

“A Star Is Burns,” The Simpsons episode where Springfield throws a film festival and The Critic stops by, first aired 20 years ago yesterday. Yes, it’s been two decades of “agh! my groin,” “don’t cry for me, I’m already dead,” and “boo-urns.” To honor the occasion, Christian Lynch has created Criterion covers for each of the featured films in the festival’s short docket.

Lynch debuted the mock covers on his Tumblr page, and they are an impressively close facsimile to how actual Criterion covers for these films might look. Lynch seemingly drew on covers for films like The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou, Frances Ha, Thief, Modern Times and others to get the feel just right for the type of film being pitched. Now imagine all of the incredible extras included in each of the discs, including the little seen original short that inspired Man Getting Hit By Football starring the film’s auteur, Hans Moleman. Or director Spielbergo’s commentary for A Burns For All Seasons. Below are some highlights, but the rest are at Lynch’s Tumblr.


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