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Mark Ruffalo tweets out the weirdest behind-the-scenes Endgame photo yet

Screenshot: Twitter

The cast of Avengers: Endgame have been sharing tons of behind-the-scenes content since the film came out, demonstrating that hardly any of them followed the “no phones” rules Marvel apparently has on their super-secret, spoiler-free sets. Mark Ruffalo, a.k.a. “Loose Lips” Ruffalo, has been posting a ton of his own gems. The latest one shows him, Tom Holland, and Don Cheadle in their motion capture suits, chillin’ and...creating a summoning circle of some kind? Honestly no one truly knows what’s going on here, but Ruffalo urged followers to give only the wildest answers to what’s transpiring between the three. And boy did they succeed.


Many fans shared different variations of London Bridge, including Cheadle who added a nice pun in there with his name.

There were also, of course, pop culture references to the Jonas Brothers, Harry Potter, and the Sanderson Sisters.


And, as we’ve learned over the last week, nothing is safe from Area 51 fever.


And an Endgame meme or memory wouldn’t be complete without somebody bringing up the death of one (1) Tony Stark.


Personally, we’re fans of Tom Holland’s “Christmas tree mocap bros” moniker. We’re also, however, worried that, with both Ruffalo and Holland in the picture, this thing is definitely going to reveal itself to be a spoiler of some kind.

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