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Mark Redding pays homage to his mom on The Shackeltons’ new Records

Mark Redding, the firecracker frontman of The Shackeltons, took a break from music after the group’s promising, self-titled debut album came out in 2008. He had a justifiable if heartbreaking reason: His mother had come down with cancer. She died in 2010, but Redding drew on his memories of her while making Records, The Shackeltons raging yet poignant comeback. Strutting and yelping with a jumpy art-garage sound that hints at vintage Les Savy Fav, the album—which is streaming in its entirety below—carries far more depth and soul than your average indie-rock toe-tapper. Not that Redding forgets to bring the hooks for one second.

Records will be released April 22 via Think Loud Entertainment.


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