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Mark-Paul Gosselaar is going vampire huntin’ for Fox

(Photo: Maarten de Boer/Getty Images)

Time out: Fox has just announced the cast for its latest supernatural action drama, and it sounds like Mark-Paul Gosselaar is going to be killing vampires on TV. Gosselaar, who recently starred on the network’s short-lived baseball show Pitch, has been tapped to be the lead in its new monster-battling series The Passage.

The series will star the former Saved By The Bell lead as an FBI agent tasked with keeping a young girl safe, in a world where government drug research has created a cadre of dangerous psychics and lethal superpowered humans (This is why mad scientists really needs to be better about setting up a good IRB.). Split between pre- and post-apocalyptic timelines, the series is based on a series of books by author Justin Cronin, and will reunite Gosselaar with his old Pitch co-star BJ Britt.


[via Deadline]

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