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Mark Millar's Reborn to be born again as Netflix movie with Sandra Bullock

Photo: Ilya S. Savenok (Getty Images for Netflix)

Bird Box star Sandra Bullock seems to have found another Netflix project she can help turn into a big viral hit, with Deadline reporting that she’s set to executive produce and possibly star in an adaptation of the sci-fi fantasy comic Reborn from writer Mark Millar and artist Greg Capullo. Lego batman Movie director Chris McKay is set to direct Reborn, so there are some reasonably big names attached to this project already.

As Deadline explains it, the story is about an elderly woman who dies in a Manhattan hospital only to be—wait for it—Reborn “in the prime of her life” in a mystical afterlife world called Adystria. To her surprise, this afterlife world happens to be a magical land full of monsters, dragons, and an eternal war of good against evil. She meets up with some dead friends and then teams up with her own father (who is also presumably younger) so she can find her missing husband, who is not in Adystria despite dying before her.


This announcement comes more than a year after Netflix picked up the rights to Mark Millar’s entire line of Millarworld comics, which has so far been relatively unfruitful.

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