With Fox looking to shore up its Marvel properties, rather than giving them back to Marvel and allowing all Marvel characters to inhabit the same film universe—which would be ludicrous—it's hired someone intimately familiar with revitalizing them: Mark Millar will now act as "creative consultant" on the studio's Marvel properties, including "developing new avenues for its X-Men and Fantastic Four tentpoles." That's something Millar has done before in the comics world, of course, having launched Marvel's Ultimate X-Men before moving on to The Ultimates and Ultimate Fantastic Four (and then to his non-Marvel works like Kick-Ass and Wanted beyond that).

In this new position, Millar will do the same for the studio's upcoming X-Men movies The Wolverine and X-Men: Days Of Future Past as well as Josh Trank's Fantastic Four reboot, presumably helping to shape their stories and characters and, if his past relationship with the press is any indication, leaking gossipy speculation about them that quickly proves to be inaccurate. Actually, no one's totally sure what this means yet, other than that Mark Millar will not be shepherding your comic-book franchises. You'll just have to hire someone else.