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Mark Millar’s dastardly plan to take over Hollywood continues with another comics adaptation

Mark Millar may be a shameless self-promoter who uses shock tactics and thinks sexual assault is a cool way to establish villainous bona fides, but… we can’t think of a way to finish this sentence, other than to report that another film based on one of his comics is currently being developed. Continuing his supervillain-like scheme to turn all of Hollywood into a conveyer belt for adaptations of his work, Millar has granted Fox the movie rights to his seven-issue series Superior, about a 12-year-old boy with multiple sclerosis who’s granted superpowers by a magical space monkey. In a totally Millar-esque twist, the monkey is actually a demon from hell, and the boy will lose his soul if he continues to act out his Man of Steel fantasies. Given the byline, it’s probably also safe to assume that the monkey throws around a lot of colorful words and straight up shoots someone in the face.

Superior is the fourth Millar original to get the big-screen treatment, following Wanted, both Kick-Ass films, and the forthcoming The Secret Service. It’s also further proof that Fox believes in the man’s blockbuster instincts: Back in 2012, the studio made him “creative consultant” on all its Marvel movies (the ones starring the X-Men and Fantastic Four, not the ones featuring Spider-Man or current and future members of the Avengers). Matthew Vaughn, director of Kick-Ass and The Secret Service, will produce Superior. No word yet on who will write and direct the film, but only in-your-face, subversive provocateurs who don’t mind ruffling a few feathers and pushing the limits need apply.


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