Fan reaction videos can express many emotions, including surprised, angry, supercilious, and everyone’s favorite: good ol’ fashioned over-the-top bonkers. But rarely are videos full of geeky enthusiasm that also appears to be blessed by the Lord himself. (Or herself, because it’s important to lean in.) That’s what the world got last year when the Youtube video “Father Roderick watches the Star Wars trailer” appeared, and a humble priest lost his damn mind with joy for two minutes and 35 seconds. It was delightful and genuinely endearing, so naturally, Blink-182’s Mark Hoppus is here to poke good-natured fun at it.

Sunny pop act Day Wave has recorded a new video for its song “Stuck,” and director Ryan Baxley decided to take inspiration from the Father Roderick video and have Hoppus take the place of the Catholic priest. Watching a mysterious video put together by Baxley, Hoppus narrates what he’s seeing—and frankly, it make us deeply curious about the bizarre images, which seem to involve Burt Reynolds, space lasers, and an unexpected ending. You can purchase Hard To Read, the new EP which includes “Stuck,”and check out the upcoming tour dates, but mostly, you can try to suss out the mystery of just what Hoppus is looking at.


The Hoppus video is above, but here’s the Father Roderick clip, so you can compare them side by side.