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Providing a common bond between FX vampire comedies and the production of ’90s talking dolphin show Seaquest DSV—at last!—Variety reports today that Mark Hamill has filmed a guest starring role on the upcoming second season of What We Do In The Shadows. Series co-creator Jermaine Clement confirmed Hamill’s role on the series yesterday at a TCA panel, with the Star Wars/Batman/two episodes of Seaquest in 1995 actor noting that he’d been dying to tell people about his part on the series (Shadows, that is, not Seaquest) since he filmed it late last year.


There’s no word yet on what sort of part Hamill will be playing on the series, which might be the only show on TV giving The Good Place a run for its money in the amazing guest stars game. (You can see Taika Waititi talk to us about assembling the show’s amazingly packed “Vampire Council” from its first season right here.) With more than 300 roles to his name—including, to pick one entirely at random, college-professor-who-is-actually-an-alien-who-is-friends-with-the-cast-of-Seaquest Tobias LeConte—Hamill is a pretty perfect fit for the series; he’s never shied away from investing a part with a little over-the-top excess, whether he’s trying to kill the Batman, dusting his shoulders off in space, or just trying to recruit the crew of a submarine to help him fight an interstellar war against the vicious and deceptive KrayTaks. Given that aggressive silliness is one of Shadows’ most potent comedic weapons, it seems like a natural place for him to now pop up.

Clement also revealed one other bit of sadder casting news: Don’t expect to see Beanie Feldstein back as invisible vampire Jenna with this year’s slate of shows. Clement revealed that scheduling issues will keep the Booksmart performer—who appeared on four episodes of the show’s first season—from returning to the role. Feldstein also never appeared on Seaquest, in case you were wondering, presumably because she was only three years old when it went off the air in 1996.

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