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Mark Hamill’s Trickster will be appearing on The Flash

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Though he’s known for several iconic roles in both TV and movies, surely Mark Hamill’s greatest performance is that of comic book villain The Trickster in the ‘90s Flash TV show. OK, maybe not “greatest performance,” but it was certainly one of his many performances, and it was a nice preview of the truly excellent work he would do as The Joker in Batman: The Animated Series. He also played The Trickster in an episode of Justice League Unlimited that we remember being pretty good.


Either way, Hamill will be reprising his role as The Tricker on The CW’s new Flash series, but with a slight twist. See, the current Flash is quite a bit younger than Hamill is these days, so his version of The Trickster will be—according to HitFix“an anarchist terrorist con man” who will be serving life in prison when Grant Gustin’s Flash runs into him. Hamill will reportedly show up in episode 17 of The Flash, with the plot revolving around a new “wannabe Trickster” who has begun attacking Central City with, we assume, a series of wacky pranks. In order to stop him, Flash and his cop buddy Detective West (Jesse L. Martin) have to get help from Hamill’s original Trickster.

As viewers know, Flash’s dad—who is played by John Wesley Shipp, the Scarlet Speedster in that same ‘90s show—is serving life in prison for murdering The Flash’s mom, which pretty much guarantees there will be some kind of fan-service-y scenes between him and Hamill. You know, just in case anyone had a doubt that something with Mark Hamill in it would be devoid of fan-service.

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