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Mark Hamill is more than happy to ruin your Star Wars stuff with his autograph

Mark Hamill has been signing Star Wars junk for well over 35 years, so it’s no surprise that Luke Skywalker himself has to get a little creative with his autographs. Hamill also appears to give zero fucks about your mint condition Star Wars bubblegum cards. Recently on Imgur, more than a few Topps trading cards featuring the last of the Jedi’s signature have surfaced online.


It would seem that Hamill just keeps a notebook of silly and clever quotes to sign your merchandise at the local Bi-Mon-Sci-Fi-Con. The cards contain references to Darth Vader’s child rearing skills, Toshi Station, Grease, and some good old-fashioned stoner humor (He doesn’t tell anyone to get a life like that Shatner guy). Hamill’s sense of humor always comes through and fans are sure to expect quite a few Jedi retirement plan and Life Alert jokes when the 63-year-old has to start signing cards from The Force Awakens.


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