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Mark Burnett to bring dating apps to life in new reality series for Fox

Screenshot of Tinder

Mark Burnett has been successfully dramatizing the more tedious parts of life like applying for a job, singing in the shower, and scrounging for survival under the banner of reality TV for years, but now he’s ready to tackle something a little grittier—modern dating. According to TVLine, Burnett is producing a dating reality series for Fox which will “take the instant ‘yes or no’ connection of modern digital romance to the next level.” The network, which previously examined fickle hearts on Temptation Island, has already ordered 10 episodes of the as-yet-untitled series and is planning to release them later this year.

The series will focus on heteronormative pairings and flesh out the “instant chemistry” that the contestants are likely to have while hanging out in the Caribbean Islands. As with dating apps like Tinder, the men and women on the show will be swiping right, just in each other’s faces. But here’s the rub—the pairs will also be tasked with learning whether their chemistry is complemented by compatibility. Basically, these people will be dating, but on TV so that viewers can judge them for their judgments. Tune in later this year, when we’ll be asking ourselves if you can ’ship real people.


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