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Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed.
Illustration for article titled Mark Burnett and Mike Fleiss work overtime to make reality TV even creepier

Veteran reality TV producers Mike "The Bachelor" Fleiss and Mark "Survivor" Burnett have their next projects lined up, and both sound… promising? Disturbing? Something in between? Fleiss is working with Fox on a series called More To Love, a dating competition in which ordinary-looking women compete for the affection of a man described by the producers as "a Kevin James type." Burnett, meanwhile, is steering clear of Paul Blart fans and aiming for desperate entrepreneurs with the ABC series Shark Tank, a competition between people who have business ideas to pitch to potential investors, for our amusement. (Shark Tank is based on a Japanese series called Dragon's Den, though it also bears some similarities to ABC's own late, lamented American Inventor.) Will these shows be heartwarming and inspiring? Exploitative freak-shows? Both? Stay tuned to TV Club this fall to find out.


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