At last seizing upon a rather obvious entrepreneurial opportunity, famous siblings Mark and Donnie Wahlberg—along with their brother, chef Paul Wahlberg—have announced the opening of a Boston-area burger joint named Wahlburgers, because to not do so would be sort of a waste. The revelation came after the Wahlbergs secured the trademark rights to the name from Rochester-based chain Tom Wahl’s, which sold a “Wahlburger” that did not have implicit associations with the worlds of acting or lite rap. After some money-wrangling, Wahlburgers is now due to open soon in the same Hingham Shipyard that’s currently home to the family’s jointly owned Italian restaurant, Alma Nove, which is named after their mother and not as inherently funny as “Wahlburgers.”

Next year the brothers also plan to open a pizzeria, which also doesn’t have an amusing name yet. Honestly, they sort of blew their wad with Wahlburgers. But surely you can imagine all sorts of hilarious Wahlberg-based menu items for them, such as the Hangin’ Tough Hanger Steak maybe, or the Marky Mark And The Funky Lunch Special, or Dirk Diggler’s Footlongs, or the Eyein’-My Lemon Drink, and then, if you ever get the chance to visit his restaurant, you can personally suggest them to a patiently smirking Mark Wahlberg while he stares at you like he wants to punch your face. [Boston Herald via E!]