A.C. Slater is going back to high school as Variety reports that Mario Lopez, TV/radio host and Bayside’s star (sometimes only) athlete, has joined the cast of Fox’s Grease: Live musical. Lopez will play Vince Fontaine, the host of the fictional National Bandstand show that visits Rydell High. Fontaine, if you’ll recall, spends the night of the dance/taping flirting with teenage Marty Maraschino and otherwise creeping us all out, so it makes sense that his role was one of the last to be cast (who wants to be that guy?). Lopez joins Aaron Tveit’s Danny Zuko, Vanessa Hudgens’ Rizzo, and Carly Rae Jepsen’s Frenchy maybe (well, definitely). Grease: Live will air on January 31 with all of its adults-as-teens goodness on Fox.