I'm sure this will only inspire a flurry of "Who cares? They both suck"-type responses in the comments, but still, it's my Newswire duty to please that celebrity feud booty by reporting on the brewing dust-up between "shock rocker" Marilyn Manson and My Chemical Romance. In a quote in today's London Paper picked up by NME, Manson reveals that his new track "Mutilation Is The Most Sincere Form Of Flattery" (really, who writes these things? The Cryptkeeper?) is all about Gerard Way—specifically "his outfit"—which Manson subtly attacks with an especially cryptic chorus ("Fuck you, fuck you"). Manson took a shot at MCR a couple of days before both bands are to share the stage at the Download Festival, saying:

"I'm embarrassed to be me because these people are doing a really sad, pitiful, shallow version of what I've done. If they want to identify with me then here's a razor blade. Call me when you're done and we'll talk."

Oh, goth snap!