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Marilyn Manson to play Marilyn Manson on Californication

In exciting news for both 1996 and 2007, Showtime has revealed that the upcoming sixth season of Californication will feature a guest star turn from Marilyn Manson, with the combined force of their irreverent attitudes toward sexuality and convention threatening to destroy the moral majority once and for all, provided they watch Showtime and remember Marilyn Manson. According to TV Guide, Marilyn Manson will play himself, a role he has essayed with varying degrees of believability in the past, turning up in a season that finds David Duchovny's character overseeing a Broadway musical based on his novel, in between all that Californicating. "Have you considered making the music… evil?" Manson may or may not ask Duchovny, before launching into a monologue about Aleister Crowley or some shit.


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