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According to a press release from WGN America, Marilyn Manson will be appearing as a special guest star on at least one upcoming episode of Salem, the network’s witch-themed thriller. This news disproves the common assumption that Marilyn Manson was already on Salem, just hiding in the background so nobody could see him and observing everyone’s spooky attitude and gloomy, period-appropriate costumes. Now, though, Manson himself will get to act spooky and wear a gloomy costume, because he’ll be playing Thomas Dinley, a character described as a barber and surgeon who is “the go-to man in Salem” for people who need “a shave and a haircut” or to be “leeched, bled, sliced open, or sewn up.” (Running errands required significantly fewer stops in Colonial America than it does today.)


Production on the show’s third season—which was announced back in July—just started, and new episodes of Salem are supposed to premiere late this year.

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