Funny Or Die’s “Halloween Anthology” video is 20-minute collection of various stories that guest Marilyn Manson shares with the Inner Circle Of The Scary Storytellers Crew on Are These Tales Spooky To You? Manson’s stories feature guest appearances from Patrick Fischler (Mad Men), Lauren Bowles (True Blood), Brian Huskey (Childrens Hospital), and Lauren Lapkus (Comedy Bang! Bang! and Orange Is The New Black), and David Neher (Todd from Community), and all of them fail to incite any fear in the kids, just like most of the silly anthology tales from Are You Afraid Of The Dark? when viewed outside childhood nostalgia. The tales recount an extremely uncomfortable group of survivors beset upon by Jewish zombies, new parents dealing with ghost house squatters, and a makeup how-to video from a girl possessed by a demon. Unimpressed by these comedic and blasé versions of spooky stories, one of the kids then interrupts Manson for his own story, which Manson passive aggressively pans as Punk’d with a pumpkin. It’s a tenuously connected string of Halloween-themed sketches. But hey, it’s sure beats Manson’s rambling, incoherent appearance on Talking Dead last Sunday.