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Mariah Carey to replace Kate Upton in those ridiculous Game Of War commercials

“It is important to instill courage in your soldiers through confident leadership,” Sun Tzu counsels in The Art Of War. “That, and advertising your war with mountainous cleavage.” Such wisdom (from Chapter Five, “Sex sells, even wars”) certainly wasn’t ignored by the makers of Game Of War: Fire Age, who hired Kate Upton’s bosom to lure gamers into a small-screen world utterly devoid of Kate Upton bosoms. But now that the model-turned-actress is busy making Hollywood films, the company is looking elsewhere to fill that ample position. TMZ reports Mariah Carey will be lending her pipes to a fresh ad for the online mobile strategy game.

The singer has inked a seven-figure deal to shoot a 30-second commercial, a spot so important that the company has apparently hired the director of Terminator: Genisys to helm the two-day shoot. Carey will also do other promotional work for the game, but clearly the focus will be on making sure that, much like Upton’s commercials, you know Mariah Carey’s cleavage wants you to play Game Of War: Fire Age. It seems Carey’s music will also play a part in the ad, meaning that the blatant marketing of lady parts will at least be somewhat tempered by utilizing the singer’s actual talent, rather than merely her talent for possessing boobs.


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