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Mariah Carey sees, annihilates the premise of your viral Twitter challenges with bottle cap-blasting scream

Photo: Ethan Miller (Getty Images)

Mariah Carey is one of the few celebrities who understands how to use Twitter. The majority of her timeline is made up of self-promotion peppered with corny jokes. Sometimes she posts some photos of herself or responds to fans tagging her on tweets about the importance her music has had on their lives. Other times, Carey weighs in on the latest online trends, simply acknowledging their existence with a comment or, in the best cases, destroying their very premise by refusing to think inside the box like the rest of us normies without five-octave vocal ranges.

The latter approach, thankfully, sums up Carey’s take on the bottle top challenge.


While an entire planet full of fools are busy perfecting their precision roundhouse kicks, following the guidelines of the challenge like a bunch of goddamned sheep, Carey rejects these confines, choosing instead to sing a note at the precise frequency required to make a wine bottle’s cap spin off into the air. Watch her square up to the task, hands waving arcane musical symbols into the air before her, then utter a sound so strong and pure that even the laws of physics must alter themselves to her will

Some would say this is just a joke and that the cap flies off because it’s attached to a thin string or is being pushed upward by a rush of air from below, but these skeptics are missing the point. Carey operates outside the realm of viral internet moments, proving her diva bona fides by breaking boundaries wherever they appear; whether she accomplishes this by musical magic or practical effects doesn’t matter.

Even her take on the challenge’s name, typically referred to as #bottlecapchallenge, is unique. A true iconoclast, she rejects undignified spin kicks and hashtag uniformity alike, showing the path of self actualization that all of us can take if only we’re brave enough to follow it.


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