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Screenshot: Billy On The Street

Billy Eichner’s Billy On The Street segments, in which the comedian shepherds a celebrity through the thoroughfares of New York City while furiously quizzing bystanders, typically encounter at least one grump along the way, be it an ornery passerby or someone who couldn’t care less about his guest. That’s not the case with Mariah Carey, however, who, as you’ll see in the below clip, is as beloved as she is famous. The starstruckedness is off the charts with this one.

The “Queen Of Christmas” and, in Eichner’s words, “that Chanukah goblin,” offer a number of prizes to those they encounter, the best of which being a miniature Christmas tree topped with the Glitter soundtrack, but it’s the dropped jaws and appreciative hugs that make this one special. Well, that and Carey just casually conversing in Swedish with a pair of tourists.


Watch it below.

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