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Mariah Carey can sense when the internet needs her. No matter where she is in the world, her retractable antennae begin to vibrate like a biological Google Alert in moments where she’s required. We’ve seen this before when Mariah reminded people to wash their hands properly during a pandemic and when she swooped in to outperform all others in the viral “bottle top” and “10-Year” challenges. Now, her preternatural senses having been alerted to the fact that the cast of Schitt’s Creek were set to perform her song “Hero” for a virtual commencement speech, we’ve seen her arrive in the nick of time to take part in an internet video once again.

Carey may not have noticed when the above clip began filming. Reprising their roles from Schitt’s Creek, Catherine O’Hara, Eugene and Dan Levy, and Annie Murphy call into a video conference to give graduation advice from the standpoint of a family of terrible, formerly-rich jerks. So far, aside from the fact that Schitt’s Creek is a Mariah-friendly program, this does not concern her.


Soon, with more of the cast signed on, everyone launches into an a cappella cover of Carey’s “Hero.” Even if she was deep asleep at this moment, Carey must have felt a twinge. This was an internet thing that required her presence. And so, of course, Carey herself joins the call to help the actors finish out the song and give the grads a few words of encouragement.


It’s meant to be a surprise cameo, but, really, we know that Mariah Carey will always arrive when the internet needs her. Remember this. Even when you feel like hope is gone, look inside you and be strong. Mariah will come along, with the strength to carry on.

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