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Maria Bamford plays herself and her mother in the new web series Ask My Mom!

With all the scheduling conflicts that led to the fractured structure of the new Arrested Development season, Mitchell Hurwitz and his writers had the ability to basically call in anyone they wanted to make brief appearances. We won’t spoil any of the more exciting cameos, but the best supporting performance from a new character throughout the season is probably Maria Bamford as DeBrie Bardeaux. (Apologies to John Slattery’s hilarious disgraced anesthesiologist Dr. Norman, who sadly disappears about halfway through the season when George Sr.’s episodes are done.) Piggybacking on the praise she’s receiving for that role, Bamford has a new web series Ask My Mom!, where she poses questions to herself, playing her 70-year-old mother Marilyn. As Bamford expounds in her stand-up, her mother can be a bit fussy and intrusive, but Bamford’s impression is loving and specific enough not to come off as a generic overbearing mom. The first two episodes are out, and new one-minute episodes post every Thursday at MyDamnChannel.

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