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Maria Bamford hands student $5000 check in the middle of commencement address

(Screenshot: Vimeo)

Maria Bamford spent her commencement address at her alma mater the University Of Minnesota’s College Of Liberal Arts doling out some very practical financial advice, explaining how exactly she managed to get paid for the speaking gig when she was originally asked to do it for free. That in and of itself is useful for graduates, but then she plucked a student out of the crowd and gave her a check for $5,000 to help pay off her student debt.


Bamford also shared some ”don’ts” from her own life that she believed her audience should heed, including “don’t screw it up” and “don’t do a touring Star Trek show of the southern states of this great nation.” She also suggested getting treated for an STD before a doctor at a Planned Parenthood in Hollywood tells you, “how did you let it get so bad?” Again, this is all very good counsel.

[via Splitsider]

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