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Netflix has ordered 13 episodes of Lady Dynamite, a new comedy starring Maria Bamford. Despite the implication of its title (and Bamford’s past Netflix experience), Lady Dynamite is not part of the streaming service’s deal with Marvel, but rather a half-hour series inspired by the actor-comedian’s life. According to a press release, Lady Dynamite will tell the story of a woman who loses—and then finds—her s**t,” a self-censored logline that doesn’t entirely rule out the possibility of Bamford losing and then finding the suit that enables her transformation into a troubled metropolis’ TNT-powered savior.


And though The A.V. Club cannot confirm that Lady Dynamite finds the Adventure Time star playing Netflix’s most explosive superhero, we can say with certainty that the series is executive produced by Bamford, Arrested Development creator Mitch Hurwitz, and long-time South Park hand Pam Brady. But who can say anything with certainty in this volatile world, in which any number of scenarios can go “Kaboom!” at a moment’s notice? Only Lady Dynamite knows for sure—but probably not, because not every TV show has to be about superheroes (yet).

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